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Listen, look, touch, write, manipulate and make!⁣

This beautiful set can be used in many ways to assist your little one in becoming a fluent and confident reader.⁣

What are see, say & read words?⁣
A set of 50 words that are found and used most frequently in our reading and writing. They are a mixture of decodable words (words that can be sounded out) and tricky words. ⁣

Why are they important?⁣
Did you know that these words make up more than 50% of the text that your little ones will read!

Recognising and being able to read these words will give your little one more confidence. Children who have mastered these words can already recognise half of a sentence, giving them the confidence to continue reading. These words will also promote their reading comprehension, as they don’t spend most of the time sounding out each word and focusing more on the text. ⁣

How to use them?⁣
The more opportunities your child has to learn these words the better! Keep an eye out on our blog for a list of fun and exciting ways to use these discs! ⁣

Each set is packaged in a bag that is perfect for gift giving, storage or taking the game on the go.

Material: Raw wood
Size: 50mm x .5mm

Recommended age: 3+


Please note actual colours and grains may vary due to the product being natural wood.