Alphabet Discs
Alphabet Discs

Alphabet Discs

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This beautiful set is a fun and tactile way to introduce letters and sounds through play! ⁣

Why are they important?⁣
These discs will assist little ones with recognising upper and lowercase letters while creating a connection between letter names and the sound they make.⁣

How to use them?⁣
Start by letting them explore the discs. Talk about what they are and how we use them in our reading and writing. Help them build their name or find words around the room that they are familiar, this will help their understanding of how letters make words. Add some fun by hiding the letters in a sensory tray filled with coloured rice or dried green peas.

Bring a story to life by setting up a themed sensory experience. (No liquid-based products as the discs are raw wood) Grab their favourite book and talk to them about the letters on the page and that they create words. Place a few discs out in front of them and ask them to find you the matching letters then create the word.

To extend their learning you can place them into alphabetical order or sort into vowels and consonants! Allow your child to explore the shape and formation of each letter and practice writing through sensory play! Try finger painting, shaving cream, sand, salt or hair gel - these are always a hit!⁣

Each set is packaged in a bag that is perfect for gift-giving, storage or taking the game on the go.

Material: Raw Beech wood
Size: 40mm x .5mm

Recommended age: 3+


Please note actual colours and grains may vary due to the product being natural wood.