Rain in a Jar

We have had a few cold and rainy days this week, which makes me sad as I love the hot and sunny weather! Miss 2 was at the park when I pointed out the dark clouds in the sky and it began to sprinkle. We got home just in time before the storm came in and she asked to do an activity.

I remembered a science experiment I love doing with the kids at work and thought Miss 2 would love it too! Its called the 'Rain in a jar' experiment, where you use shaving cream as the cloud and blue food colouring as the rain. I just picked up some pipette droppers from the shop the other day and thought what a great fine motor lesson too. 


We filled a glass up with water, placed shaving cream on top and Miss 2 began to drop the blue dye in. It took a while before you could see the 'rain' drop through the 'cloud'. There were lots of screams of excitement when she saw the raindrop through into the glass. She loved this activity so much we had to try it with lots of different colours! 


Staying on the topic of clouds, we wanted to make a name cloud. Miss 2 has started to explore the letters in her name and loves spelling it out using a little song we made up together. We used watercolours to try to create a rain effect and she wrote the letters by herself. I love how excited she gets about crafts and of course, this one ended up on the fridge!