Posting Shaker Activity

Taj is now hitting the ‘grasp and release’ developmental stage. He is almost 14 months and shows a huge interest in dropping and grabbing small objects into almost ANYTHING! (I can’t count how many times he has hidden my keys in his toy basket or cot!)

This activity is super easy to put together and develops hand/eye coordination and fine motor control. At this age, Taj is now beginning to master his pincer grasp so I used a range of objects that challenged him. This also helped him with problem-solving skills, as he had to turn a few objects around before it would fit into the bottle. (Even helps develop problem-solving skills!) 

This activity is a perfect way to support your child’s language development too! Children learn best through social interaction and when engaged, so what a great opportunity to use some describing words as they pick up each object. After a few goes, I would ask “Where is the pom pom?” and Taj would point and pick it up!        


Activities like this are amazing at covering a wide range of developmental skills in little ones! Why not give it a go? Make sure you tag us @teaching2toddlers