Name Practice

There are 3 important stages when teaching children their names.

The first stage is recognition, children begin to learn the shape and pattern of their name. Next is spelling their name, followed by writing. There are so many activities to help develop these skills when it comes to name writing and as soon as I saw a post on Instagram, I had to create one just like it!

I went to Bunnings and found this beautiful adhesive paper and some small hooks. Then went into Kmart to get a bamboo storage box (I like this one because it's nice and thick so it sits on the table without falling). Once I measured box I stuck the contact paper onto the back and measured the length so the stick with the hooks screwed in would fit in nicely. 

I had this all ready and set up for when Miss 2 woke up from her nap. She was so excited and got straight into creating her name. We soon found out that this activity helped our fine motor skills as it was tricky hooking on each letter. 

We will be creating more activities such as patterns and number sequencing with this box. What a great invitation to play!