Letter Sound Activities at Home

Are you going stir crazy with the kids at home?

They have so many toys and yet cannot seem to find one that they want to play with?

The Alphabet Match discs provide the perfect way to play Letter Sound Activities. There are many different ways to play these, but it is essentially an activity where you place a box in the middle of a room, place an alphabet disc and its matching picture in there and then see how many other items your children can find from around the house that start with the same sound/letter and place it in the box. 

Here are a few different ways of doing it:

  1. Sound of the Day – Each day (that’s 26 days!), place a letter in the box with its matching picture and let the kids look for items around the house that start with that sound all day long. At the end of the day, check if they all start with the right sound and count how many objects they found. At the end of 26 days, see which sound got the most items!
  2. Letter Sound Competition – Each child lucky dips an alphabet disc out of the bag. Round 1 involves a race to find the matching picture disc to match that letter sound. Round 2 involves starting a timer for 10 minutes and encouraging your kids to run around the house finding as many objects as they can that start with that letter sound. Round 3 for older kids is to do the hunt again but finding objects around the house with that sound at the end of the word.
  3. Letter Sound Bingo – Each child gets a 6-hole muffin tray and draws 6 alphabet discs from the bag. Put one alphabet disc in each hole of the muffin tray. When everyone is ready, they need to race around the house looking for one thing for each hole of their muffin tray. The first one to fill their muffin tray is the winner!

When we teach kids the alphabet, it is important that we teach them that each letter has a name a sound and this skill can be reinforced by these activities. By embedding the skill into high energy, engaging activities, they are much more likely to store the information that they are learning.

Do you have other fun alphabet games at home?

Alex Trichilo

Speech Pathologist and Mum of three

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