Guided Drawing

Have you ever walked into a classroom and noticed that all of the artwork looked EXACTLY the same yet 25 different students created them?

Guided drawing allows children to use their imaginations to create their OWN work. 

What is guided drawing?

It is also called 'directed drawing' and it is a simple 'step by step' instruction lesson without showing children what the end product 'should' look like. This is when little ones will use their imagination and listening skills to follow directions. 

Benefits of guided drawing?

- It can be modified to suit any age

- Children build confidence and are proud of their work.

- Develop listening skills

- Follow more than one instruction at a time

- Build directional and spatial vocabulary 

When giving instructions, give them one at a time and be VERY specific. With Miss 3 I started by saying "draw a pink circle in the middle of your page". In this one sentence, she had to think about the colour to use, shape to draw and where to draw it. It's a great activity to get those little listening ears working! 

She was so proud of her final product and wanted to do more, what a wonderful way to get them excited about drawing!

Try it out with your little one and just watch their faces once they have finished their masterpiece!