Farm Visit

To celebrate Miss 2's best friends birthday we went for a visit to a farm. They had so much fun meeting the animals and going on a tractor ride!

I believe farms teach children a range of skills and understanding of where food comes from, life cycles, life skills, responsibility, how to care for animals and exploring nature. 


There was the most beautiful role play area in the theme of one of my favourite stories 'Three Little Pigs'. I sat there and watched as children played and I could hear "little pig little pig let me in" and "I'll huff and I'll puff". This made me so happy as I am such a lover of imaginative play. 

The farm had the most beautiful 'Gnome Trail' through their gardens. The girls loved running around and finding all the gnomes, it was such a great way to get children exploring nature. As the rain came in, the girls were exploring the gardens and jumping in the muddy puddles with their gumboots, they were having an absolute ball. I stood there and watched as they giggled and screamed with excitement and thought to myself, this really is picture perfect. It was such a wonderful day and Miss 2 even fell asleep in the car on the way home!