Elephant Art

Today we had a visit to the Perth Zoo. I love the Zoo, I feel like a little kid every time I go, so I was very excited to take Miss 2.

One of my favourite animals at the Zoo are the Elephants and I love this display of Elephant Art that was created in the 'Ele Art Enrichment Program'.  Miss 2 went straight over to the display and touched it, telling me it felt smooth and that she wanted to do a painting. It inspired me to go home and create our own 'spray' art effect and of course, with an elephant!

Miss 2 loves using the water spray and I do too, as it is such a great tool to help build her hand muscles. We filled it up with different colours and noticed that if she stood closer the colour would be darker and run down the page but if she stood further away the colour would be lighter.


This was a fun activity that was inspired from a great family day out!