Eat a Rainbow!

Miss 2 loves anything to do with rainbows so I decided to use it as a starting tool to talk about fruit and vegetables. We spent the morning creating our own food rainbow for morning tea. She loves helping in the kitchen and chopping up her own food so this activity was a huge hit! 

I have always believed that preparing and eating meals together builds a positive relationship and appreciation for food. To continue with this topic I wanted to create an activity that attracts children to want to learn more about the 'Food Rainbow'. 

Miss 2 tested out the activity (as soon as she saw there was a rainbow she was hooked). She was so interested and engaged, telling me what foods were her favourite and ones she hasn't tried before. We kept the game out and when it was dinner time we pointed out where each of our vegetables belonged.

This activity is such a great way to spark interest in healthy eating and to get them excited about food. Click here for the PDF download