Earth Day

I believe every day is Earth Day and we should always teach our children that even from a young age they can make the Earth a healthier place. This year's theme for Earth Day is dedicated to protecting millions of plants and animals from going extinct. 

We went on the World Wild Life website and explored animals that are at high risk of extinction. The Orangutan stood out to me as they are such beautiful and charismatic creatures. They are known as the 'gardeners of the forest' as they spread seeds to help maintain the forests.

I wanted to share this information with Miss 2, discuss the role of seed in our ecosystem and become a gardener herself. We had some tomato seeds and soil in the shed so we decided to to try grow our own tomato plant. She loved decorating her pot with some gardening stickers and scooping the potting mix.

Before we examined the seeds, I asked what does she think the seeds will look like, what size and colour will they be? She told me red like tomatoes. Once I opened the packet we discovered how tiny they were, we tried counting them but kept dropping some during the process. 






This was such a fun and easy way to get Miss 2 excited about gardening and growing something of her own. I will continue to explore her interest in gardening, stay tuned!