As a kid I loved I spy and I wanted to create a fun activity for learning the letters in the alphabet. This is such a simple activity and you could change it up to suit what you are learning! Instead of using alphabet letters, you could put coloured beads in there for colour recognition or numbers, stickers, sequins, the list goes on!

First, you will need a clear sealable bag. You could use a ziplock bag, but I found this pencil case with the alphabet beads inside for $3 at Kmart and they were perfect for this activity.

I used some leftover rainbow rice and coloured sand to fill the pencil case with. Then I printed off the I SPY MY ABC printable I created, you can find it here

Next, I poured the alphabet beads in and tied on my laminated 'I Spy ABC' resource. Pretty quick and easy, plus its a great activity for on the go or in the car!