Baby Sensory Play

As Taj has just hit 5 months, I have noticed a difference in his energy levels. He shows a lot more excitement, moves around more and is becoming an acrobat during mat sessions!

As his key senses are rapidly developing and he is becoming more alert, it gets me very excited and so many sensory activities come to mind! I love simple ideas. I'm all about a quick and easy activity (doesn't necessarily have to be clean).

What we often forget is kids LOVE to explore anything and everything! 

How many times have you heard someone say "they only wanted to play with the wrapping paper or the box"?. Exactly! Who doesn't love scrunching and ripping paper, listening to the different sounds it makes or seeing how high or long you can throw it. Sensory experiences do not need to be 'trendy' or expensive. This sensory activity kept Taj entertained for long enough for me to enjoy a hot cup of tea (and that's only because I ran out of coffee!)

Super easy! All you need is tape and a ball. Wrap sticky tape around a ball (sticky side facing out) and watch them play. Or tape sticky tape (I used painters tape) to a highchair and see them rip it off, get their hand muscles working. 

I hope you give it a go, even Miss 2 enjoyed the sticky ball and tried throwing it at the wall to see if it would stick!