5 Fun Ways to Use Alphabet Flash Cards

If you think flash cards are boring, then think again! Its all about being creative and engaging children with something that they enjoy.

I created these beautiful watercolour flash cards because I love watercolour clipart and I wanted to share with you how we use them at home!



1. Sand Tray Writing

Miss 2 loves this one as it adds sensory play to the activity. She always chooses the pink sand (it's her favourite) but you can use rice too!

2. High Five Letters (outdoors)

I set up an obstacle course outside and Miss 2 follows it around, finding letters along the way. She stops and high fives the letter 3 times and says the sound.


3. Search and Find

She loves books and finding the letters in her favourite stories! Super easy and simple! 

4. Musical Letters

Lay out letters you are focusing on inside a hoop or mat and play their favourite music! They walk around the hoop until the music stops, you call out a letter/sound and they search for it. This one is lots of fun!


5. Puzzle Match

Miss 2 loves rainbow rice, so I add it to make this activity more fun when searching for the puzzles. You just lay out each alphabet card and get them to find its match! 

There are so many more ideas when incorporating alphabet flash cards into learning. I would love to hear if you try any of these!